Curruculum Vitae



1920 - Was born in Berlin, Germany.
1933 - Left Germany.
1938 - Met Marc Chagall in Paris.
1939 - Arrived in Argentina. Intensive drawing and painting.
1945 - Studied with Carmelo Arden Quin.
1946 - Co-founder of the Madi Group.
1946 - “3ª Exposición MADÍ” Bohemien Club, Galerías Pacífico, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1949 - “2º Salón Argentino de arte no-figurativo. Abstracto – Concreto – Madi –Madimensor”  Galería Van Riel. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1952 - Received a prize from the Institute of Contemporary Art of London, England for his project for the monument “Unknown Political Prisoner”. Work exhibited at the Tate Gallery, London.
Invited to take part at the Säo Paulo Biennale, Brazil.
– “Arquitectura, proyectos de urbanismo, escultura y pintura – Blaszko, Kurchan, Melé, Ungar” Intendencia Municipal de la Ciudad de Bs. As., Argentine.
– Gallery  Müller, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1955- Works exhibited at the 1st Exhibition non figurative, Gallery Van Riel.
1956 - Participated in exhibitions of Argentine Art, organized by the Argentine Government throughout the American Continent.
– Works exhibited at the XXVIII Biennale of Venice, Italy.
– “Grupo Arte Nuevo” Galería Van Riel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1958 - Argentine representative at the Brussels World Fair, prize: Medal of the National Senate.
1959 - First Prize of the Mar del Plata competition.
1960 - Grand Prize of the City of Buenos Aires.
1960 - Salón Municipal de Artes Plásticas, “Manuel Belgrano”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Invited by the Rodin Museum, Paris to take part in the exhibition of “International Contemporary Sculpture”. 
1965 - “O. Anadon, M.Blaszko, D.Zalaya” Rio de Janeiro, Sao Pablo, Belo Horizonte, Brasil.
1968 - Co-editor of the “Sculpture International” magazine, Oxford England. Published in “Leonardo”, Oxford. Volume I, pp.223-232, Pergamon Press 1968.
1970 - Work reproduced in the catalogue of the “Housing and Urban Development Agency”, Washington D.C. “Art of the Community” contest.
1973 - Prize of Argentine Parliament.
1976 - Conference at the Tulane University, New Orleans, “Monumental Sculpture and Society”.
1977 - “Blaszko” Gallery  Del Retiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1980 - One man shows.
– “Modern and Colonial Latin American Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture and Prints” Sotheby Parke Bernet Group, Ltd. PB Eighty Four, New York, USA.
1981 - “Blaszko” The Inter-American Development Bank , Washington, D.C., USA
1984 - One man shows. Bank of Interamerican Development (BID) Washington, D.C.
1985 - “Abstraction in the XXth century”  Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1990 - Invited by the Museum of Modern Art, New York (MOMA). Exhibition “Latin American Artists of the XX Century”, Seville, Spain, Pompidou Museum – Paris, Ludwing Museum – Germany.
1990 - “Martin Blaszko, Sculptures, Collages” Galerie Edwige Herdé. Paris, Francia.
1990 - “Argentina, arte concreto-invención 1945. Grupo MADI 1946” Rachel Adler Gallery, New York, USA.
1991 - “Arte Concreto Invención, Arte MADI” Galerie Von Bartha, Basilea, Suiza.
1991 - Prize of the Open Air Museum, Hakone, Japan. Erection of the commissioned sculpture in the hills of Utsugushi-Ga-Hara.
Installation of his work “Jubilee” in the “Parque Centenario” of Buenos Aires.
1993 - “Latinoamerican Artist of the XXth century  “MOMA, New York, USA.
1994 - Donation of his works for the reconstruction of AMIA.
1994 - “ Latin American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, Part I . Including a Selection of Arte Congreto-Invención / Arte Madí ”, Sotheby`s. New York, USA.
1994 - “MADI en perspective” Galerie Claude Dorval, Paris, Francia.
1995 - Invited to exhibit in “Arte al Sur”. Organized by the University of Buenos Aires, Municipal authorities and the Organization de los Estados Iberoamericanos.
“Les figures de la liberté, 1945” Musée Rath, Genève, Suiza.
1995-1998 - Lectures at the Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires.
1996 - Invited to exhibit at “The Reina Sofia Museum”, Madrid, España.
Invited to exhibit in Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Costantini Collection.
1996 - “MADI international, 50 years later” Centro de Exposiciones y Congresos, Zaragoza, España.
1998 - The Constantini’s Collection is exhibit in The Museum of Modern Art of Río de Janeiro, Brasil and the Museum of Modern Art of Säo Paulo, Brasil.
1998 - “The constructive tradition in MAMBA” Museo de Arte Moderno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1999 - “Da MADI a MADI (1946-1999)” Mazzotta, Milán, Italy.
2000 - Individual exhibition in the Museum “Luis Perlotti”; exhibition “Sculpture to the city” Buenos Aires. Argentine.
2001 - Individual exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. (MAMba)
2001 - “Abstract Art from the Río de la Plata, 1933 – 1955” A Traveling Exhibition Organizad by The Ameritas Society Art Gallery.
2002 - “MADI Small format” Palatina, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2002 - “Martin Blaszko. Zeichnungen und Collagen” Johann Wolfgang Goethe –Universität Frankfurt, Germany.
2003 - “International MADI movement” Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Latinoamericano (MACLA), La Plata, Argentina.
2003 - “Latin American Art” Sotheby’s New York, USA
2004 - Invited by the Municipality of Buenos Aires City to take part in the exhibition “Muestra de Primavera”.
2004 - Individual exhibition in Gallery RO.
2006 - Lecture at the Madi Museum Dallas “The Origins of MADI”
2007- Exhibition at the MADI Museum, Dallas, Texas, USA.
2007 - Exhibition of Works on paper  Gallery Emily Murphy, Madrid, Spain.
2007 - Exhibition “Vasos Comunicantes, Vanguardias Latinoamericanas y Europa 1900-1950” Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente, Castilla León, Spain. Work given by the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Buenos Aires.
2007 - Individual Exhibition, Gallery Insight Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007 - Exhibition in The Botanic Garden “Carlos Thays”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007- Invited by The Nacional Academy of Art to exhibit at the competition “Premio Fundación Alberto J. Trabucco 2007”, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007- Exhibition in the Aldo Castillo Gallery "6 x 6" Chicago, USA.